Every Chef’s Trading Post

Every Chefs Trading Post

Join us for our forth trading post May 19th from 12-4 at Glad Tidings Chruch Park 301 S Newtown Rd, Norfolk VA

10% of the profits will go to Glad Tidings Church

Every Chefs Trading Post is designed to create a community of food producers in Virginia Beach. A place where vendors can sample and sell products to the public, without having to go through the health department. This takes out all of the lag time of waiting for the health regulations to be checked, allowing vendors can sell product and raise money to grow their business.

As we all know, there are no communal kitchens open yet in this area (we are working on it…give us a few months), however their are great specialty food products out their and people who want to purchase them.

The way it works…

The event is held as a private party with vendors selling goods to attending members. To become a member you simply sign up here (make this link to sign in sheet?), this allows us to host a event where goods are sold without the health department stepping in.

Events are held monthly where some of the vendors produce food cooked out of their homes, or other non-certified cooking space.

The idea of the Trading Post is to create return customers for the vendors. The vendors bring samples of their product and extra to sell. The market acts as a breeding place for the vendors to help them become members of the community, it also creates a network for food entrepreneurs.

So which are you a Vendor (link to sign in) or a Member (link to sign in)?


A caterer, baker, chef, food prep professional, food lover, food snob, or food obsessed person or company interested in connecting with the local community.
—> Our vendors do not need to produce food items in a certified kitchen, due to the fact that this is held as a private event. The only requirement we have is that hot food is kept hot, cold food is kept cold, and everything is cleaned and sanitized.


A local, fun, adventurous, and somewhat rebellious food enthusiast interested in meeting and networking with those that create a specialty product. You will have access to local products at the same time as the restaurants are introduced and …………